Support for Väluste School Project, Estonia

img_1041Sorigkhang Estonia found a blessed place called Väluste in the middle of Estonian forest 1,5 years ago. After Dr. Nida Chenagtsang had a dream of Vajrapani and Ekazati protector, he assumed Viivi Käärma, the main Estonian coordinator to search this mysterious house in his dream for the development of Traditional Tibetan Medicine, magically from searching, checking actual houses, deciding to buy it and preparing a huge amount of money took only a bit more than one week, all obstacles were eliminated as we went on … within Dr. Nida Chenagtsang’s vision for Väluste school, he predicted this place will become an international school for preserving Traditional Tibetan Medicine in Eastern Europe, helping Sorigkhangs from other European countries to be acknowledged on an authentic platform.

img_1042This house was built for the first time in 1853, it was used with educational purposes through out the century, many people from nearby have memories in this house as a child or teenager, on the other side, it means the condition of the house is questionably safe, our chimneys are old and can result fire accident anytime while we use them … Our walls no longer keep the warmth when we heat up the house … When we started repairing
work, we discover foundation(basement) of the house is broken in many places, therefore floor heating system is badly needed for continuing to use it. We choose geothermal heating system because we can keep our heating costs low and it is an ecological heating system.

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If you have spear money, please donate!

If you have spear time, please send Yuthok and Shanglong mantras to Väluste school.
If you donate more than 50 euros will receive a Sorigkhang cotton bag
If you donate more than 100 euros will get 5% off during all courses in 2017.
If you donate more than 200 euros will get 10% off during all courses in 2017.
If you donate more than 300 euros will get one blessed vajrakilaya by powerful yogis.
If you donate more than 500 euros can request a healing puja performed in Amdo, Tibet. You may donate any amount too, we appreciate your sincere help.
You are welcome to donate mantras too, please pray for the progress of this project, every mantra you dedicate for the development of healing science is good karma.

Our bank info: Please add the Keyword “Donation” as reference for any bank transfer.

Bankaccount name: MTÜ Eesti Tiibeti Traditsioonilise Meditsiini Akadeemia
Account nr: EE601010220215443222
AS SEB Pank, Address: Tornimäe 2, 15010, Tallinn, Estonia

Our Contact:
Viivi Käärma
IATTM Coordinator in Estonia
Tel: +372 55 40 694

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