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img_1041Sorigkhang Esto­nia found a blessed place called Väluste in the mid­dle of Eston­ian for­est 1,5 years ago. After Dr. Nida Chenagt­sang had a dream of Vajra­pani and Ekaza­ti pro­tec­tor, he assumed Viivi Käär­ma, the main Eston­ian coor­di­na­tor to search this mys­te­ri­ous house in his dream for the devel­op­ment of Tra­di­tion­al Tibetan Med­i­cine, mag­i­cal­ly from search­ing, check­ing actu­al hous­es, decid­ing to buy it and prepar­ing a huge amount of mon­ey took only a bit more than one week, all obsta­cles were elim­i­nat­ed as we went on … with­in Dr. Nida Chenagtsang’s vision for Väluste school, he pre­dict­ed this place will become an inter­na­tion­al school for pre­serv­ing Tra­di­tion­al Tibetan Med­i­cine in East­ern Europe, help­ing Sorigkhangs from oth­er Euro­pean coun­tries to be acknowl­edged on an authen­tic plat­form.

img_1042This house was built for the first time in 1853, it was used with edu­ca­tion­al pur­pos­es through out the cen­tu­ry, many peo­ple from near­by have mem­o­ries in this house as a child or teenag­er, on the oth­er side, it means the con­di­tion of the house is ques­tion­ably safe, our chim­neys are old and can result fire acci­dent any­time while we use them … Our walls no longer keep the warmth when we heat up the house … When we start­ed repair­ing
work, we dis­cov­er foundation(basement) of the house is bro­ken in many places, there­fore floor heat­ing sys­tem is bad­ly need­ed for con­tin­u­ing to use it. We choose geot­her­mal heat­ing sys­tem because we can keep our heat­ing costs low and it is an eco­log­i­cal heat­ing sys­tem.

Video Out­look:

If you have spear mon­ey, please donate!

If you have spear time, please send Yuthok and Shang­long mantras to Väluste school.
If you donate more than 50 euros will receive a Sorigkhang cot­ton bag
If you donate more than 100 euros will get 5% off dur­ing all cours­es in 2017.
If you donate more than 200 euros will get 10% off dur­ing all cours­es in 2017.
If you donate more than 300 euros will get one blessed vajrak­i­laya by pow­er­ful yogis.
If you donate more than 500 euros can request a heal­ing puja per­formed in Amdo, Tibet. You may donate any amount too, we appre­ci­ate your sin­cere help.
You are wel­come to donate mantras too, please pray for the progress of this project, every mantra you ded­i­cate for the devel­op­ment of heal­ing sci­ence is good kar­ma.

Our bank info: Please add the Key­word “Dona­tion” as ref­er­ence for any bank trans­fer.

Bankac­count name: MTÜ Eesti Tiibeti Tra­dit­sioonilise Med­it­si­i­ni Akadeemia
Account nr: EE601010220215443222
AS SEB Pank, Address: Torn­imäe 2, 15010, Tallinn, Esto­nia

Our Con­tact:
Viivi Käär­ma
IATTM Coor­di­na­tor in Esto­nia
attmesto­nia [at] gmail [dot] com
Tel: +372 55 40 694

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