Traditional Tibetan Medicine at the Peoples Hospital in Malho

This year’s Sorig Tour stopped once again in Mal­ho (chin. Sog­zong) in the East Tibetan province of Amdo (chin. Quing­hai) in August 2017 to pro­vide free med­ical treat­ments accord­ing to Sowa Rig­pa to the local inhab­i­tants and nomads. The patients were able to receive acupunc­ture, dry and wet cup­ping, Mox­i­bus­tion, Horme, Ku Nye mas­sages and phys­io­ther­a­py as well as tibetan and allo­path­ic med­ica­tions depend­ing on their indi­vid­ual needs in the Henan Mon­go­lian Autonomous Coun­ty People’s Hos­pi­tal. Most of the patients were suf­fer­ing from arthri­tis, skin dis­or­ders, aller­gies and gas­tri­tis due to their hard work­ing con­di­tions and heavy diets which main­ly con­sist of spicy, oily and fried dish­es as well as processed fast food. Some peo­ple even trav­elled for 2 - 3 days to receive con­sul­ta­tions from Dr. Nida Chenagt­sang and treat­ments from the Sorig group.

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