Facebook pages of local SKI/IATTM branches:

IATTM Yuthok Nyingthik
The Sorig Institute Tibetan Yogis Village
Tanadugshop Akademia Tradycyjnej Medycyny Tybetańskiej
Polska TTMA in Lithuania
Traditionele Tibetaanse Geneeskunde Nederland
Sorig Khang Finland Sorig Khang Helsinki
ATTM Singapore ATTM Australia 
Tibetan Medicine Malaysia Tibetan Medicine Japan
Tibetan Medicine Korea Тибетская медицина Международная
Академия традиционной тибетской медицины Akademie Tradiční Tibetské Medicíny
Encyclopedia of Tibetan Medicine Sorig Khang
Medicina Tibetana Portugal  Sorig Khang Spain
Sorigtour IATTM UK
Sorig First Aid Ngakmang Foundation
Mongolian Sorig Khang Sorig Khang NY
Sorig Khang Portland Akademie für Traditionelle Tibetische Medizin Schweiz
Tiibeti Meditsiin Sowa Rigpa International College – Nepal
Sorig Khang Canada Sorig Khang India
Sorig Khang NZ Sorig Khang Greece
Yuthok Choekhang piccolo tempio di Yuthok Sorig Khang Bay Area
Sorig Khang Barcelona

Other usefull websites you might be interested in:

  • IATTM’s homepage on Yuthok Nyingthig – the spirtual practice of Tibetan Medicine
  • is a site on Tibetan Astrology. Check out the Tibetan calendar of the day – the elements present and how it can affect you. You can also see where ‘La’ protective energy is circulating for the day!
  • The Sorig Institute is the North American branch of the International Academy of Traditional Tibetan Medicine (IATTM). The Sorig Institute offers certification in Ku Nye Massage and Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM). ‘Sorig’ is the official name of Tibetan Medicine, a combination of the words ‘Sowa,’ translated as ‘healing’ or ‘nurturing’, and ‘Rigpa,’ or ‘awareness.’ It is with the guiding principle of ‘Healing Awareness’ that we promote the lineage of Tibetan Medicine in the West.
  • The webpage of IATTM in Tibetan:
  • Austrian Medical Association for Tibetan Medicine (AMATM)
  • Sorig Tour is based on IATTM summer tour in Northeastern Tibet, know as Amdo region for it’s dialect in Qinghai Province, China. Our tour is specialized for TTM practitioners, doctors, therapists, Buddhist practitioners:

The SKI-community keeps on growing and includes centers in over 40 countries around the globe. See the local map to find a SKI-center nearby: