Yuthok Nyingthig Outer Guru Yoga Retreat - Singapore, June 2018

On 14th June to 21st June 2018, Sorig Khang Singapore organized a Yuthok Nyingthig Outer Guru Yoga Retreat, the Wish-fulfilling Practice led by Jacqueline Yu, SKI teacher & retreat guide at Singapore’s East Coast Park. It was to be our first outdoor retreat; Singapore nomad camping style!

SRIC News: April to June, 2018

Read about recent developments, projects and practical classes in and around the Sowa Rigpa International College in Kathmandu.

Report: Upper Mustang Medical Camp 2018

A team of medical doctors and other volunteers led by Sorig Dr. Tenjing Dharke and Tashi Phuntsok provided free medical checkups and treatments for everyone who attended the medical camp. Alltogether 858 patients were treated.

New Edition of Sowa Rigpa Journal

We are happy to announce the birth of the next Sowa Rigpa Journal! This edition is all about Chulen - Health and Longevity. On top, we have prepared the "Best of TTM Journal" book. It is a valuable companion for you practice of Tibetan medicine, as it is filled with carefully selected articles on medicinal herbs, external therapies, scientific research and much more from the past 10 years of TTM Journal, all in one place!

Upcoming International Events

Yuk Chö: From the Physical to the Subtle Level

We were able to design a wonderful course in Austria from 09. November to 11. November 2018. In conversation with Philippe Gonin we will discuss some very important topics for stick therapy, repeat the basics and advance into deeper levels of the profound Tibetan Stick Therapy.

TibMET-Program and Retreats with Sorig Khang Sevilla, 2018

We are pleased to announce the start of the new study plans TibMET (Traditional Tibetan Medicine and External Therapies) in Sevilla (Spain) - May 2018. From Sorig Khang Sevilla we would also like to share with you the retreats we will make during this year

Sorig Khang Czechia: Intl. Program 2018

Dear Sowa Rigpa students, we invite you for the third year TTM courses from Sorig Khang Czechia! TTM 3,1 - Hot natured disorders ( Tshaba) and TTM 3.2 - Inner organs diseases. On top of that we will have a Ngondro retreat with extensive Kusali training with damaru, bell and kangling, guided by Dr. Tenzin Yangdon!

Featured Articles:

Reviewing Days at SRIC (Sowa Rigpa International College)

As a saying goes, “Time and Tides wait for no man”. After the winter vacation, our college got resumed for the fourth semester, and while attending classes I thought : ”Time flies and where did those days go ?” So I decided to write an article reflecting my feelings and experiences at SRIC, the first formal Sowa Rigpa college in Nepal affiliated to Lumbini University.

Lhasa, Place of the Gods – Part 1

Last autumn Sorig Tours organized a unique journey to Central Tibet under the guidance of Dr. Nida Chenagtsang. The group of Sowa Rigpa practitioners and others interessted in tibetan culture visited many famous and spiritual places with high importance to Tibetan Buddhism as well as Traditional Tibetan Medicine - Sowa Rigpa - in and around Lhasa.

New Book Release:

Karmamudra - The Yoga of Bliss

Karmamudra refers to the ancient Buddhist practice of partnered sexual yoga. Also known as ‘The Path of Skillful Means’ or ‘The Path of Great Bliss’, Karmamudra uses powerful meditation techniques to transform ordinary pleasure, worldly desire, and orgasm into vehicles for spiritual transformation and liberation. In this ground-breaking book, Dr. Nida Chenagtsang draws on his extensive training in Tibetan medicine and yoga to clarify major misconceptions relating to Tibetan Buddhist Tantra in general and Tibetan Buddhist sexual yoga practices in particular.

To be presented at the 6th Sorig Congress in Pisa from 20th until 22nd of April, 2018.

New CD by Drukmo Gyal:

Drukmo Gyal - Tibetan Healing Chants

9 tracks, 108 times of Dream Yoga Mantra, 21 praises to Tara as well as a prayer Dr. Nida Chenagtsang exclusively wrote in Bhutan for 3 Roots and Protectors that are related to Yuthok Nyingthig await you in this amazing new CD by tibetan Mantra singer Drukmo Gyal.

To be released at the 6th Sorig Congress in Pisa from 20th until 22nd of April, 2018.