If you want to support international SKI activities please donate to Sorig Khang Intl. Foundation:

SKI Bank Account:

Beneficiary’s Name: Internationale Stiftung Sorig Khang
IBAN: DE30 6602 0500 0004 7603 00

Name of Bank: Bank fuer Sozialwirtschaft AG
Address of Bank: Steinhaeuserstrasse 20, 76135 Karlsruhe, Germany
Phone: +49 721 981 340

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With your money we can help to

  • build SKI centers to promote Sowa Rigpa and spiritual retreats,
  • organize Free Medical Camps through our Sorig Aid projects to help those in need of medical support,
  • publish books about Sowa Rigpa and it’s therapies,
  • create a source of knowledge in form of a digital library,
  • bring precious translations (from tibetan to english) to completion,
  • finance scholarships for students from poor families,
  • support tibetan professors and their local projects,
  • invite tibetan doctors to international meetings,

benefit all beeings!

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