Coming up: Practitioners List at the 8th Sorig Congress, Poznan 2020

Join the first official SKY-Practitioners List

At the upcoming 8th Sorig Congress in Poznan, Poland,  there will be the possibility for every attending Sowa Rigpa practitioner to get registered in the first international catalogue by SKY from April 24th until 25th 2020.

The goal is to provide an accurate database for every patient who is in search for a high quality treatment in Traditional Tibetan Medicine in their region.

Since there is no common and accessible online documentation of Amchis, western doctors and other therapists who do practice the ancient art of Sowa Rigpa internationally SKY intends to establish a public database to make networking easier for everyone interested.

So if you want to become a official SKY-affiliated Sowa Rigpa practitioner and you want to be internationally enlisted then join this years congress in Poznan, Poland! Just get fotographed there, fill out the form and find your profile later on the official SKY website, everything without extra charge!

Help us with our wish to make Sowa Rigpa more reacheable for everybody around the globe!