Yuk Chö – Advanced Course: Innsbruck, November 2018.

Yuk Chö:
From the Physical to the Subtle Level

Course with Philippe Gonin - Innsbruck, 09.11 - 11.11. 2018

Dear Practitioners of SKI,

On behalf of the SKI Team Austria I want to announce an upcoming course in Austria:

I send all of you you my best wishes from Innsbruck and let you know wonderful news:
We were able to design a wonderful course for Austria for late autumn.
In conversation with Philippe Gonin at the Sowa Rigpa Congress in Pisa, we were able to discuss a very important topic for stick therapy:

We all work with the stick – more or less.
Again and again, there are new insights in the self-reflection through the application, constantly questions arise:

How do we decide for the stick at all, how fast, how hard, what kind of stick, how and where do we hold it – especially if the place to be treated needs a change of body position. Is there a life span of a stick, or how do we change the bags and how do we refill them.

Such and many more questions are coming into our minds in our day-to-day care …
These are the “hard skills” and therefore very important factors of the physical level, so that we feel safe in dealing – also in the sense of the patient’s well-being!

However, when talking to Philippe and observing his way of working with a stick, it soon became apparent that there is another level that is inextricably linked to stick therapy:
The oscillation and vibrations of the stick, which arise through our intention and our attitude in the moments of repetitive knocking and how these are ultimately connected with the result of a treatment!
How can we feel points, where do the vibrations go and what conclusions can we draw from them – to the underlying tissue or to more distant structures?
Do the vibrations also go the other way and what about us? What function do mantras have and how do we use them in context?
So the knowledge of “soft skills” and thus working on a subtle level.

All this makes the stick therapy very complex, even if a simple “knock” is at the beginning.

Philippe Gonin at the Sowa Rigpa Congress in Tallinn, Estonia, in 2016.

In this respect, we want to repeat the base at the beginning of the course, then approach under Philippes’ guidance all the above points and thus deepen our practice!

Even if it is a specialization course, it is ultimately a wonderful opportunity for everyone – including those of us who have not had the time or opportunity to practice stick therapy in their spectrum. Special prior experience is not necessary, although of course helpful.

Limited number of participants!

Here are the details of the course days in November:

Praxiskoop 13, Michael-Gaismairstrasse 13, 6020-Innsbruck, Austria

Course hours:
Start: 09. November 2018 at 6 o’clock
End: 11. November 2018 in the afternoon

Course materials:
Please bring all your stock sets to the course.
Should it be desired, I will ask Philippe to bring stick sets as well – please let me know!
The base material for the stick is in the Ku Nye script II. All the important things about the course will be “heard, seen and felt” by Philippe on site!
Replacement materials for renewing a herbal stick are provided.

Course fee:
Price for members per course day: 80 € (excluding food)
Prices per course day: 90 € (excluding food)

Bank details:
Recipient: ATTM Austria
Bank institute: Tiroler Sparkasse
Purpose: Yuk Chö Innsbruck
IBAN: AT122050303301129148

If you are interested and have time please do not hesitate to register via sorigkhang [dot] innsbruck [at] gmail [dot] com.

Best wishes on behalf of the Austrian Team

René Pöschl

Dr. René Pöschl, MD
Teamleitung „Kurse: Organisation und Koordination“