Editorial Vol 8 – Issue 2

Dear friends of Sowa Rigpa,

This year’s 6th Sorig Congress was an important push for many new SKI endeavors to come (and the 7th is already underway …). Future developments were discussed and Sorig practitioners and members from all over the world were able to meet many of the diligent people who are working for SKI in the fore- as well as in the background.
The whole congress took place in the beautiful and old city of Pisa and the embracing atmosphere of Italy’s famous “Dolce Vita”. Thus the participants left with bags of new experiences and knowledge, happy bellies and a workload to do at home in their own centers and offices to make SKI’s visions come true.

Also Sorig News will undergo some major changes in the future, as already announced earlier. You can expect more of a Blog-like style as well as more new Media features like podcasts and short movies as we will develope further. Our new web-layout was just one of the first things to come.
SKI is gradually improving its worldwide services and networks, for example with more and more E-Learning possibilities, to give you the best chances possible to get in touch with Sowa Rigpa and our growing non-profit-organization.

For now I wish you all comfortable summer holiday and a lot of cooling ice to get through the summer heat!
Thank you all for visiting and sharing!


With Best Wishes,

Philipp Fuchs MD,
Managing Editor Sorig-News