Yuthok Nyingthig Outer Guru Yoga Retreat – Singapore, June 2018

On 14th June to 21st June 2018, Sorig Khang Singapore organized a Yuthok Nyingthig Outer Guru Yoga Retreat, the Wish-fulfilling Practice led by Jacqueline Yu, SKI teacher & retreat guide at Singapore’s East Coast Park. It was to be our first outdoor retreat; Singapore nomad camping style! With the unpredictable weather, hot scorching sun, humidity and rain at times, we were all nervous & apprehensive at the beginning … but wow, what a special and beautiful experience it turned out to be!
Thanks to all who made it possible! Siew Chern for the logistic support and breakfast dakini Mae for bringing delicious breakfast every morning

Yuthok nyingthig outer guru yoga retreat - singapore nomad style!! Full immersion in nature; sun, sand, sea, wind, rain, birds, eagles, python, ants, planes, crazy dreams and all that is…
Feeling like a survivor after a week camping in Singapore ... never thought I could do it ...
Christine Plaud
Retreat Participant
What a fantastic Yoga Guru retreat in all aspects, body, speech, and mind! Far exceeded my expectation for a 7-day camping retreat on SG East Coast Park beach! Love doing retreat out in the nature. Cool sea breeze, though can be hot at certain hours but going under the shade was fine. I enjoy the daily physical exercises and breathing techniques. I think this should be at least an hour and more intense, making it a mind and body retreat. The limited speech caused us to turn inwards to get in touch with ourselves. Love our Yuthok dream tent with ocean view, where our dreams were made and shared. The endless airplanes flying very low above us for landing in the middle of the night and early morning can be an issue. It kept me away. Perhaps need to find another as nice a location but away from low frying airplane, But most importantly, we were guided by incredible loving and knowledgeable teacher, Jacqueline Yu who gave her heart fully to ensure that we have the best experience and receive the full benefit of the retreat! Thank you Jacqueline and Dr Nida for making this possible for us. Looking forward to more outdoor retreats!
Karen Tok
Retreat Participant
Before the Outer Guru Yoga Retreat, I have many doubts whether I can adapt to a 7-day retreat where I will be staying outdoors in a tent. I am very thankful that I have completed the retreat. Yeah! It has been an amazing experience attending the Outer Guru Yoga Retreat organized by Sorig Khang Singapore. I realized what a joy it can be to wake up each day during the retreat in the arms of Nature. Many thanks to Dr Jacqueline Yu for her guidance and encouragements throughout the retreat. Many thanks too to the loving people from Sorig Khang Singapore who have organized and contributed in their own ways to making the retreat a success. Thank you!
Cheng Pei Yun
Retreat Participant
I had a very rewarding experience attending the Yuthok Nyingthig Outer Guru Yoga Retreat led by Jacqueline at Singapore’s East Coast Park on 14 to 21 June 2018. It was challenging to remain focused during the first few days of the practice but I soon adapted and found myself immersing in the daily mantra recitations. Overall, it was a truly emotionally cleansing retreat for me and I thoroughly enjoyed how Jacq maintained a safe yet comfortably disciplined space in which to practice. A highly recommended retreat for all!
Jocelyn Chua
Retreat Participant
(17 Aug 2018)

The practice, doodled by Karen Tok during the retreat: