Sowa Rigpa International College News April to June, 2018.

Since the month April was mostly spent with practical classes, SRIC students got the opportunity to visit the National Herbarium and Plant Laboratories at Godawari, Lalitpur Nepal.

1st year students of SRIC were taken to the “Himalayan Organic Farm House” at Kapan Kathmandu, Nepal, as a practical class for the subject “Diet and Lifestyle”. This is one of the most famous organic farm houses around Boudha in Kathmandu.

2nd year students have tried to prepare Sowa Rigpa Medicine during their practical class for the first time.

Our college students and the staff have been invited to the “National Seminar on Recent Advances on Ayurveda” on 7th April 2018. This seminar was organized by the NEPAL AYURVEDA MEDICAL STUDENT’S SOCIETY at TU International Smriti Bhawan Hall, Kirtipur, Kathmandu.

The SRIC has also participated in the International Buddhist Conference for 2 days in Lumbini, Nepal. At the conference, there were the Prime Minister and the President of Nepal as  Chief Guests.

The Administration Board of SRIC has organized a “Introduction on Sowa Rigpa Medicine” for the students in Nepal who have recently graduated from High School. These students are mostly from the Nepal Himalayan Region.

The Administration Board has also participated in the entrance exam for the new admission students for the Academic year August 2018 to July 2019. the Entrance exam was given both in written and oral form. Since some of the students have missed the entrance exam which was held on 17th June 2018, they had the opportunity again on 15th July 2018.

During July is a summer vacation or semester break for the regular students. They have just finished their semester exam by the end of June. Currently the regular students are on 1 month summer vacation.
The SRIC Administration Board is presently running a 15 day Sowa Rigpa Therapeutic course at the college campus.

Further Events:
1. 15 days Sowa Rigpa Therapeutic course was from 1st to 15th July 2018.
2. 2nd Entrance exam for new admission students was on 15th July, 2018.
3. New Academic session for B.S.M. starts from 1st August 2018.