Report: Upper Mustang Free Health Camp; 17th – 28th June, 2018

The Himalayan Guge Organization together with Sorig Aid and others organized the third edition of Upper Mustang Free Health Camp 2018 from 17th – 28th June.

A team of medical doctors, health care professionals and other volunteers led by Sorig Dr. Tenjing Dharke  and Tashi Phuntsok provided free medical checkups, health assessments and free treatments for each individual who attended the medical camp. Medicines, traditional Sorig herbal products and acupunctures, cupping therapy, moxibustion, bloodletting, Golden Needle therapy, etc. were dispensed as needed.

Also professional guidance and information for proper use of medicines was provided.  This included the identification and use of local herbs; the harvesting, cleaning and processing of these herbs for best medicinal results.  The information imparted there was specific to the region and will gear to sustainable practices that will promote the ongoing planting and harvesting of the regional herbs.

The Upper Mustang Free Health Camp 2018 aimed especially for the people of the village above Lo-monthang (Upper-Mustang) which comprised of mainly Tso-shar, Tso-nup and Lo-monthang. All togehter 858 patients were successfully treated camp!

There is a saying that Health is Wealth. The Upper Mustang Free Health Camp brought great wealth to the village above Lo-monthang and had a ripple effected on neighboring villages of Upper Mustang as the health of the villagers in the region improved.  On the other hand, greater awareness of the health benefits of healthier living practices will be of great future benefit to the region!

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