Coming up: 6th Sorig Congress, Pisa

Upcoming: The 6th International Congress on Sowa Rigpa in Pisa, 2018

Dear SKI fam­i­ly, dear all friends of Sowa Rigpa in Italy and around the globe,

It gives immense plea­sure to announce that the 6th Inter­na­tion­al Con­gress will be held in April 2018 in Pisa/Italy.

Please share the video of Drukmo Gyal:

This years´ Congress is really unique.
It will go back to its´ roots,  to the beginning of all:
the start of the lineage….
Our outstanding Director and teacher, Dr. Nida Chenagtsang,
will be in the centre of an inspiring process of sharing knowledge
beyond national or individual interests:

Under the motto „Vivere Sowa Rigpa“ we want to present Sowa Rigpa as the „science of health and happiness“.

Dr. Nida has asked all of us to “to improve our work I sincerely request you to better cooperate and communicate. 
Mutual trust and respect is so important for our Family 
I wish for everyone to express their best
 talents to help the Family to grow strongers..
Let’s discuss this at the congress!”

“We are one family”

(Dr. Nida Chenagtsang, Congress President/Med. Director SKI)

This Congress will also present all the people behind the SKI family:

from the first generation until today.

So many talents,
so much diversity, so many different approaches:

Unity in diversity!

This Congress will present outstanding news in the field of Sowa Rigpa:

great projects around the world:
from research to knowledge, from training to working with patients on the highest possible level, from nomadic travelling to coming home,
from wonderful results
and from moments of failure, too…

and how to go beyond all obstacles.

This Congress will invite to explore and to experience the strength and the flow of cooperation and of a collective network,
based on Yuthok´s words: for the benefit of all sentient beings…

This Congress will be part of the routine Ngöndro for all of us, according to Yuthok´s heart teachings…

This Congress will bring people together who might work in cooperation for the rest of their lifes…

This Congress will inspire next generations of interested people to become part of the family and to be our future practitioners.

This Congress will present some of the best and experienced scholars and practitioners of Sowa Rigpa from around the globe,
many of them will come from the root countries of Sowa Rigpa around the himalayan plateau…

This Congress will inaugurate ways and opportunities for Sorig practitioners who are looking for new challenges
and ways to cooperate.

This Congress will be a peaceful gathering of transcultural openness, based on mutual trust, altruism, engagement and compassion
for all sentient beings around the world
in this crazy time of separation.

Be a part of it as you are already….

This Congress will think about a healthy future of all and of our environment
and will invite scholars, practitioners, scientists, artists and interested people from around the world
to live their interconnection:

Vivere Sowa Rigpa

Acknowledgement: We are full of gratitude. Many thanks to our speakers, presenters, supporters and artists who have already confirmed their participation with joy.
We are very grateful for the inspiring cooperation to the partner organizations, branches and members of Sorig Khang International and to all our active supporters in Italy and around the globe. 
It is the wish of the organizers that this Congress, „will be a great inspiration for the preservation and further development of Sowa Rigpa to benefit all sentient beings“

Be an active part of it and    let´s create this next Congress together in friendship and cooperation as a family.

All interested friends of Sowa Rigpa from Italy and around the globe are most welcome.

With all the best wish­es on behalf of all friends from the International Con­gress Team and on behalf of the local organizing team in Italy,

Laura  &  Jens


Laura Bellandi, Sorig Khang Italy – Coordinatore Italia – Head of the local organizing Team

Dr. Jens Tön­ne­mann, MD – Sorig Khang Inter­na­tion­al/ Head of Medical Education/Congress

A wonderful project in italian with comprehensive information about Sowa Rigpa in Italy: Buongiorno Sowa Rigpa