Sorig Khang International keeps on growing

Sorig Khang International (SKI) is now present in over 40 countries worldwide and new centers are continously beeing founded. This joyful development also creates new demands on our non-profit-organisation’s internal communication and presentation in the public. Thus SKI is going through a process of restructuring and reorganisation to make things as easy as possible – for students, practitioners, teachers, organisers, friends and interested people. The upcoming Sorig-Congress in Pisa in April 2018 also reflects this progress and will be focusing more on Sorig Khang International itself.

One step for example was the creation of a worldwide map of SKI-centers (see below; work in progress!) to give people an overview on our international network and to make it easier to get in contact with your local center – and Sorig-Practitioner in the future as well.

There is a lot more on it’s way like the official Thesis-registration, EU-Branding registrations or the ongoing recordings of all members and teachers via SKI-net, etc. …

If you missed your enrolment until now you can still do it via Once registered you can use the SKI-Intranet as well.

We will keep you up to date!