Art of Good Karma – February 2018, Kathmandu.

Sorig Khang Marseille is organizing a stay around the theme of healing and sacred Art of Good Karma according to the Himalayan traditions in and around Kathmandu, Nepal, from February 9th – 19th 2018. The concept is not to participate in an strictly organized tour, but to discover together with a group of other Sorig students and practitioners and interested people the different aspects of Sowa Rigpa and Tibetan culture.


Highlights are:

  • You can celebrate Losar, Tibetan New year’s day
  • You can discover Tibetan medicine and its medical care practices
  • You can walk in the footsteps of ancient Yogis
  • You can meet teachers of different buddhist schools
  • You can discover the benefits of meditation
  • You can see the sadhus of the hindu tradition
  • You can participate at the Kathmandu medical therapy camp (KTC) as a routine ngondro
  • Meet Dr. Nida Chenagtsang during your visit to the Sowa Rigpa College and on KTC Camp

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Booking possible until January 14th, 2018!


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A detailed program, day by day, is also available on mail request.