Yuthok Nyingthig Ngondro Retreat – A step into Infinite Possibilities

Yuthok Nyingthig Ngondro Retreat – A step into Infinite Possibilities

by Jacqueline Yu

Yuthok Nyingthig is a spiritual practice based on meditation to discover the absolute aspect of self.

And when we think of meditation, we tend to think of it as just taking a special body posture and sitting without moving. Nothing can be further from the truth. In a Yuthok Nyingthig ngondro retreat, all levels of your body, energy and mind are shaken, digged in, cleansed and transformed. The main aim of this practice is to clear and purify all levels of our being, to purify our negative karma, to accumulate merits and ultimately to prepare the mind for realization. Though ngondro is a preliminary practice in order to receive higher teachings and practices, many past great masters have achieved enlightenment with ngondro practices.

It is a tough challenge for busy lay practitioners to commit the time and space to complete a typical vajrayana ngondro retreat which may take a minimum of six months to three years. Through the great compassion of Yuthok Yonten Gonpo, the father of Tibetan medicine,who achieved the
rainbow body, the ultimate realization, in the 12th century, we have the practice of Yuthok Nyingthig, the practice of his heart essence. Through His all-pervasive energy and supreme blessings, we can complete the ngondro in just seven days.

I have guided ngondro in many places but coming to Pharping, Nepal, the home of my late root teacher, H.E. Ralo Rinpoche is like homecoming for me, like a fish in water, free and joyful. It felt great to kickstart our 5th International Congress on Sowa Rigpa with Yuthok Nyingthig ngondro, the perfect preparatory work and connecting medicine with its roots of compassion.

For participants who are new to Buddhist style spiritual retreat, this practice can be daunting and repetitive. There will be moments of doubts, thoughts of quitting and running away, aching muscles, irritations, and getting emotional as we open the can of worms. But if we can persevere through the first two to three days, the remaining days will come all too soon … and emerging from the retreat full of love, joy and wisdom. For this retreat which was held in Rigzin Phodrang monastery from 18th to 24th February 2017, we had participants from Singapore, Australia, France, Belgium and Germany!

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And here are some thoughts from our participants:

It was a wonderful experience, because just as the Medicine Buddha Mandala, Tanadug,
this ngondro had the 5 perfections: It has been a perfect place: Pharping has a beautiful energy, a perfect time, a perfect topic, we had a perfect and kind teacher, and I don’t know if the students were perfect but we tried our best 🙂
Ok we could have been stricter but it was so cool it was like family 🙂
Not to forget the super helping team of our 5 fellows!! So kind and patient!!!
We were so blessed before, during and after this retreat, I can only be grateful

Thanks to you Jacqueline for offering us this beautiful opportunity!!
~ Katy O., France

Dad and I had a great hard time!
I’ll focus on impact … . Ii can see for my dad that it somehow helped to release his blindness
regarding a particular situation ….. before (since 9 months) he would not hear, listen to my
observations ….. after I did not say anything much but exposed him to that same situation and he
reacted differently …. he could see the reality and detached himself … As for me, I went to a teacher training as a trainer and had to pair up with some people not easy to work with. Usually I feel stress, sort of tension when in front of the students. This time, although it was a big group, I felt so calm inside even if not 100% prepared …. so stable, no emotionality! and my impact on students was stronger that what I observe usually …. I am practicing regularly, almost everyday …. difficult to say how it is impacting my healing work but I feel more at peace inside and can deal with situations more positively.
Thanks for the opportunity!
~ Christine P., Singapore/France

There is a lot of flexibility in ngondro and we can choose the practice that speaks to our heart and
integrate it daily into our busy modern lifestyle. Ngondro is now my favorite practice <3
~ Jacqueline