Updates on Väluste School Project, Estonia

by Madis Seinberg

First of all- spring has finally arrived and our old schoolhouse still stands on it’s place- warm, friendly and full of good energy. Probably allmost everybody in the world or at least in sowa rigpa family allready knows, that during that spring and summer great rejuvenation works are planned, and preparations for that have allready begun- the green dakini, the destroyer has allmost finished her work and making new floors with earth heating system is about to start very soon.

The pictures I added are fresh, but of course you can only  notice more demolition inside and almost the same outside compring the one in the film that we demonstrated at the congress meeting. Still, there is something I maybe couldn’t capture with my camera- the feeling.

On sunday morning, when I woke up and had a little breakfast with fresh birch juice on the terrace, birds were singing and the sun was shining, then I heard our good neighbour Kalju engaging his tractor to come to help me, I noticed myself whistling oh what a wonderful morning … the feeling
was, that at least in that location, under the blue sky, beside the old schoolhouse, the world is young and the creation has just begun. This feeling is very natural, still pure, and we want to share it, be welcome, everybody, come visit the school as you coming home and be a part of the creation of
new world.

Also we are happy to announce, that we have one new member in our team, a man with few words and big actions, named Meelis Tammemägi, hopefully we have the oppurtunity soon to introduce him in person too. So now there is a little photographic art with my fancy white camera and I hope that the next set of pictures will be of a very noticeably different floor.

As things are constantly moving further and more pictures of new phases of work are coming constantly check HERE too.

If you want to help in the renovations of Väluste School, you are welcome to donate or contact SKI Estonia directly on the official homepage: attmestonia.ee

Pay regard to this years Sowa Rigpa Summer Camp in Estonia too.

Pictures by Madis Seinberg.