Sowa Rigpa Summer Camp in Estonia

Sorig Khang Estonia has the pleasure to invite the Sowa Rigpa Family members to take part in our Sorig Summer Camp from 21st to 23rd of July 2017 in Väluste, Estonia.

Winter-springtime gatherings in Sowa Rigpa congresses have encouraged us to reanimate the tradition of summerdays. The goal of that gathering is to share and develop experiences and skills. The Summercamp is open to SKI family members and also to anyone who’s intrested in Sowa Rigpa, Tibetan Astrology, Sa Che, Ku Nye or Yuthog Nyingthig Spiritual practices. Participants’ family members and friends are warmly welcome as well.


Preliminary program for the Sorig Summer Camp:

  • 20th July: Sangha gathering in Väluste in the evening.
  • 21st July: Topic of the day is „Curing the Time” with morning time karma yoga, afternoon lecture on  „Curing the Time” and discussions about the topic. The evening holds Party and dance therapy for all participants.
  • 22. July: Ku Nye day. Developing practical skills of Ku Nye. Ku Nye teachers Emilio Gallotta from Italy and Anu Rootalu and Viivi Käärma from Estonia will help to perform the practices. Muscle and joint diseases and their treatments are in focus, for example frozen shoulder or stiff joints.
  • 23. July: Day of pharmacology: Investigations of local herbs with Anu Rootalu and Dr. Aleksandr Arbuzov from Russia. Preparing raw materials for medicines under guidance of Dr. Aleksandr Arbuzov as well as discussions about pharmacology.

Medicine Buddha and Yuthok Nyingthig practices will be held every morning, Nejang Yoga, tsok and Shanglon practices in the evenings. Whoever wants to participate and do some demo practices please let us know before 1st of May 2016.

1,5 km from Väluste schoolhouse is lake Võrtsjärv, where one can swim. Lum steam therapy is available too. After the Sorig Summer Camp it is possible to visit the south of Estonia, the cities of Pärnu and Tallinn as well as the Estonian islands etc. You can find more detailed infos on our homepage: