Preview: 6th Sorig Congress in Pisa, Italy 2018


Dear SKI family, dear all friends,

All my best wishes on behalf of the Congress team after wonderful moments in the austrian mountains with Dr. Nida last weekend.

We are in transition, in between 2 Congresses:

Our heart seems to be still in Nepal, filled with gratitude for all the wonderful encounters there. It was an amazing Congress under the Motto „Sowa Rigpa in Action“ and all participants felt how important it is to come together in the family.

Our mind is already in beautiful Italy to start with the concrete plannings, after a first meeting there 2 weeks ago with the inspiring italian team.

It gives immense pleasure to announce that the 6th International Congress will be held in April 2018 in Pisa/Italy.


The 6th International Congress on Sowa Rigpa


Vivere Sowa Rigpa

Living Sowa Rigpa

 April 20-22, 2018 in Pisa/Italy

(Opening Ceremony on April 19, with additional program before & after the Congress)

Please make a reservation for this date already: this next Congress is a must go for all SKI family members.

After 5 years of focusing more on the „outer world“ and the cooperation of SKI with all different institutions and organisations in the field of Sowa Rigpa, the next Congress will invite to the „inner world“ of the SKI family.

All speakers will be highly qualified SKI family members, directly chosen for certain topics by our Medical Director Dr. Nida Chenagtsang.

Next year´s SKI meetings and the exchange of information about outstanding developments and news from SKI HOT will be part of the core Congress, too.

The Congress will go back to its roots and connect deeper with the amazing new Sorig Khang International Foundation.

The Congress is our annual international platform and the heart of our exchange that allows transparency and active participation. The Congress is the place where core decisions and most important topics will be discussed.

Italy, the beloved „base camp“ of Dr. Nida and his family, with it´s powerful local SKI team and the lively and active SKI community there, seems to be the perfect location.


Let´s come together in Italy as a family again to live Sowa Rigpa:

Vivere Sowa Rigpa!


Let´s continue this amazing annual journey of friendship and unity in spirit together in the wonderful city of Pisa and let´s experience the beauty of the Tuscan countryside with an additional program in the pictoresque little Tibet of Tuscany, Pomaia.

Wonderful italian food and the early summer climate close to the sea will guarantee that we won´t forget the most important preventive aspects in Sowa Rigpa during the Congress days: diet and lifestyle ;-))


More details with the preliminary version of the schedule and the registration information will follow soon with the next Sorignews. For more information visit!

You are all most cordially invited.


With all the best wishes on behalf of the Congress Team,



Dr. Jens Tönnemann, MD

Sorig Khang International

Congress Coordinator