News from SRIC, March 2017

Sowa Rigpa International college (SRIC): News, January to March, 2017.


SRIC 2nd Semester started from 26th January, 2017 and ends by 30th June, 2017.

1st to 3rd march, 2017 – 5th Sorig Congress:

5th Sorig congress was held in Boudhanath, Kathmandu/Nepal.  People from 36 different countries gathered at that time.

SRIC students gave a wonderful performance  at that time.

SRIC 3 students had participated in National Seminar on Diagnosis from 10th to 12th February, 2017 which was held in Department of Sowa Rigpa, Central University of Tibetan studies Sarnath, Varanasi (UP) India.  And they did presentation for the rest of the students in the class  on what they have learned during that time.


We also made a mini stall on behalf of our college for fund raise which was quiet well.

Mini stall of SRIC on 5th Sorig congress.

Our students got good opportunity to meet great scholars, western doctors and Sorig doctors from different countries.  We are very thankful to those who gave donation to SRIC Kathmandu/ Nepal during 5th Sorig Congress.

After the Sorig congress, our students got the opportunity to learn something different from the western doctors like Dr. Tam, Dr. Thurid, Viivi Kaarma and  Dr. Marian Majchrzychi for 2 to 3weeks.

2017 Construction project has started from 12th March, 2017:

This project is very important and necessary for our college at the present moment. We are constructing a hall on the top of the 2nd building of our college.  If we have a proper hall we will have lot of benefits, such as :

  1. We can use one side of the hall for classes, since we don’t currently have enough classrooms.
  2. We will install a folding stage.
  3. We can use the hall for conferences.
  4. One side will be used as a Shrine room.
  5. Maximum occupancy in the hall is 200 people.
  6. Many more potential uses in the future.

Overall budget for this construction is 10,000 USD. This was calculated by our project’s lead architect, and covers the basic necessities for this understanding.  So far we received as a donation, 5,000 USD from Datin Eleen Cheong, Malaysia and 1,000 Euro from Sorig Khang Malaysia.  We are looking forward for more donations to cover up the remaining amount.


Sponsorship students : Total we have 12 students who need sponsorship, out of which we got 2 full sponsorship (100%) for the whole course (5.5yrs.).  Out of those two, one is Thinlay Wangmo  by Karen Stone from Australia and the another one is Tsekyi Wangmo by Dr.Tam from Switzerland.  We are so thankful for them.  We still need the students sponsorship for the following students for the next 4.5years.

Name Background Residential

2,592 USD per year

Lobsang Gyaltsen
Tibetan refugee, who escaped from Tibet Yes

1994 USD per year

Dolma Tsering Gurung
From poor family in Mustang.  Yes
Pemba Dolma lama
From Sindhupalchowk District, a poor Family where her home was destroyed in the earthquake Yes
Jenden lhamo Gurung
From Mustang, eldest child of 8.  Yes
Radhika Thapa
From poor family Yes
Richoe lhamo
From poor family Yes

1,296 USD per year

Lobsang Choedon
Tibetan from Pokhara settlement, large family Yes
Tenzin Dasang
Tibetan from Pokhara settlement, large family Yes
Tsewang lhamo
Tibetan from Pokhara settlement, large family Yes
Tenzin Tashi shakya Father works hard to support family, is studying Microbiology as well. (425 USD per year) No


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Up coming News:

  1. Admission open for B.S.M. course until June, 2017 for the Academic year August, 2017 to June, 2018.
  2. Entrance exam for the new students will be on 15th and 16th of June, 2017.

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