Updates on SKI-net & SKI-mails for Members

Updates on SKI-net & SKI-mails for Members

Dear SKI members,

According to the ongoing simplification process within the Sorig Khang International organisation all members will get a new name@sorig.net email address, which should make work easier than with the current name@sorigkhang.org email. This change is also connected with an official registration step which will be illustrated in a seperate mail to the old name@sorigkhang.org addresses. Anyone new wishing to become Organizer, Teacher or Teamworker as part of the SKI Family can apply via Email at: info@sorig.net

Only the new @sorig.net email addresses will be able to login to SKI-net. With your new @sorig.net address, you’ll also be able to use G-Suite tools such as Calendar, Drive, and Hangouts. Once you have your new @sorig.net email account, you will no longer use your old @sorigkhang.org account. Any email sent to your @sorigkhang.org address will be automatically forwarded to your new @sorig.net address for a period of 1 year. (Please make sure to notify your contacts to update their address books.) Also, all of the saved and sent email in your @sorigkhang.org account will be automatically migrated to your new @sorig.net account.

You can keep using Slack with your old @sorigkhang.org address for now — there will be a new announcement in a few months when it is time to switch to new accounts.

WHY are these steps necessary?

Mostly because it is technically not possible for us to do otherwise! Slack only allows to change all accounts to sorig.net at once. so we can not do it one by one as people get their new sorig.net- address. Also the simplification in general is introduced because of Dr. Nida’s recommendation and maybe in some form or another the @sorigkhang.org- address was getting laborious 🙂

But also:

“The mission of Sorig Khang International is to preserve and promote Traditional Tibetan Medicine, known in Tibetan as Sowa Rigpa (གསོ་བ་རིག་པ།) or Sorig.” (www.sorig.net)

Since the SKI network is growing fast and there are more and more centers developing it has become inevitable to restructure the organisation to keep working together internationally as simple and efficient as possible. A well structured member- & center- archive as well as a juridically secured foundation are the basement for our future developments, for example:

  • The training of many SKI Teachers for both TTM (including Ku Nye, external therapies and yoga) and Yuthok Nyingthik.
  • The establishment of many more Sorig Khang centers or groups in every city or town, even a few centers in one big city. Until now our groups used to be organized as one national organization in each country, and that is not the case any more.
  • To build up an international archive for all SKI materials like the teachings of Dr. Nida Chenagtsang, including texts, books, interviews, journals, CDs, audio and videos, including the copyrights, to avoid future conflicts.
  • and many more

“Working separately, we are disjointed. Working together, there is no limit to what we can accomplish. Our unity and synergy can make everything possible and we will benefit many beings.” – Dr. Nida Chenagtsang

So we hope that together with the ongoing internal process the SKI family will keep on growing and therefore help to promote Sowa Rigpa all around the globe!