New Sowa Rigpa Journal!

After the 10 long years the TTM Journal got reborn under a new name as Sowa Rigpa Journal! We are happy to present you this new baby at the Sowa Rigpa Congress in Nepal.

Although called “Journal“, it is more like a little book on diet and digestion. Under the motto “Medro – Digestive Fire” it covers all you one deeds to know about nutrition in Tibetan medicine.
Just to mention a few, there are articles from Dr. Nida “Digestive Fire versus Divine Fire“, from Dr. Nashala Gwyn “Healthy Digestion in Developing the Tantric Body“, “An Expanded view on Sedru 5” from Padma, “Let Food be thy Medicine“, “Eating according to your typology“, “Nejang yoga for digestion“, “Donatas Butkus- a Life for Tibetan Medicine“, and many more!

Now you can order it both in electronic and printed version at our new website: You will also find there all previous TTM Journals, even those already sold out, in an E-Book format!
Organizers can order in bulk at:

We hope you will enjoy and use it a lot!

From the editor’s desk,
Dr. Anastazja Holecko