Editorial Vol 7 – Issue 1

Dear friends and practitioners of Sowa Rigpa,

First of all I wish you a happy and healthy Guru Rinpoche Year 2017!

This precious year will be filled with many remarkable events as you can see in our headlines below: Practice in one of the Yoga retreats in Spain or Greece, extend your knowledge of Sowa Rigpa with Sorig experts at a course in France or the Czech Republic or experience Tibet’s ancient Science of Healing at first hand with Sorig Tours in Amdo!

One of the highlights of this year is going to be the next Sorig Congress, once again in lively Kathmandu from March 1st to 3rd. Join other practitioners, scholars and SKI members from all over the world to see and feel Sowa Rigpa in Action with a rich program of practical trainings, interactive workshops, lectures, arts and much more!

We are also looking forward to the SKI meetings before the congress where all the different international project groups will present the results of their interdisciplinary works and first steps of implementation. A lot of amazing developments have emerged since the last meeting in Tallinn, Estonia, (establishment of SKI networks, sorig.net and SKY Press as well as the registration of the SKI foundation, and many more) and I want to join Dr. Nida’s words to thank all the diligent people around the globe for their efforts to benefit as many beeings as possible:

“I would love to express my gratitude to all of you, for your great support for Tibetan Medicine and Yuthok teachings via SKI. Especially I want to express my gratitude for the tireless and selfless work of Dr. Tam and her team; as without their kindness and supportive effort, I could not spread and teach TTM and Yuthok Tradition worldwide. Therefore I thank all of you from my heart.” – Dr. Nida Chenagtsang

See you soon in Kathmandu!


With Best Wishes in the name of the Editorial Board,

Philipp Fuchs, MD

Student of Sowa Rigpa & Managing Editor Sorig-News