Materia Medica: Chang Tser – Thistle


changtser – spyang tsher (tib.)


Thistle (engl.) – Carduus sp, Cirsium sp, Morina sp, Cryptothladia sp

by Eric Rosenbush

TRADITIONAL CATEGORY: sngo sman – wild herbs


There are two principal types of spyang tsher, white and black.  The white variety is not a thistle, and has been identified as Morina and Cryptothaladia in various texts. Black spyang tsher can include a variety of thistle genera, notably Cirsium and Carduus.  A further division is also made between stronger, ‘wild’ (rgod pa) and more gentle, ‘tame’ (g.yung) types.

Thistles are a large group of thorny plants, classified as the Cynareae tribe within the aster family (Asteraceae).  They are common plants in many areas of the world, both in wild and domestic areas.


Taste: Sweet and astringent taste, sweet post-digestive.
Potency: Classical accounts range between warm and balanced, likely due to regional and species variation.

སྤྱང་ཚེར་བད་ཀན་འདྲེན། ། “Chang tsher guides out beken” (Explanatory Tantra Ch. 20)

Chang tsher is included in the group of herbs to induce vomiting (Explanatory Tantra Ch. 21), and is also mentioned multiple times in the Oral Instruction and Final Tantras.


Beneficial for beken disorders.
Induces vomiting to ascend and release indigestion (ma zhu pa), etc.
Beneficial for treating disorders such as cancer (‘bras), tumors (skran), and swellings (skrangs pa).
To clear heat disorders (tsha ba), make a decoction of the roots by boiling three parts of water down to one.


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Images by Fir0002, Dysmachus & Eric Rosenbush