Grand Opening & other News from SRIC Kathmandu

Dear Friends of Sorig Khang International Nepal (SKIN) and Sowa Rigpa International College (SRIC),

Namaste and Tashi Delek!

Here are the news from SKI, Nepal for your kind reading.

Grand Opening Ceremony of the 1st Semester Classes:

The most important day of the year was on Sunday the 31st of July, 2016. This was the day of the Grand Opening Ceremony of the 1st Semester Classes at Sowa Rigpa International College, affiliated with Lumbini Buddhist University, Nepal. The celebration started at 9 a.m. and lasted until the late afternoon. Our College Principal, Dr Nyima Tsering gave the welcome speech to our main guests and the first batch of students in the Bachelor Programme in Sorig Medicine. Among the honourable chief guests attending were Professor Dr Naresh Man Bajracharya, Mr Tilak Acharya, and Dr. Bhadra Ratra Shakya, who are, respectively, the Vice Chancellor, the Registrar and the Dean of Lumbini Buddhist University. Prof. Dr Naresh Man Bajracharya marked the opening by cutting a red ribbon and lighting a butter lamp.

Prior to the Grand Opening Ceremony we arranged all of the basic necessities for those students who are staying in our college hostel, and most of them are now well settled.  Students are well provided for but we still have need of certain important facilities like computers for the students. There are currently twenty six students in total enrolled in our Bachelor’s programme: twenty of these are boarders, six are day scholars. We have twenty girls and six boys, and four out of our twenty six students are international.


VIP Visits to the College:

On the 6th of July, 2016 at 3 p.m. some VOPs  visited at our college, namely  the German Ambassador to Nepal, who spent several enjoyable hours touring our premises. The Ambassador was invited to our college by our Director, Dr Tenjin Dharke Gurung, and expressed his joy to visit our college and was impressed by our facilities. He  expressed his desire to support our school in the future.


We also received a visit by Nepal’s former Education Minister, Mr. Giriraj Mani Pokherel. The former Minister himself had a medical problems and our three highly qualified doctors , Dr Tenjin Dharke, Dr Nyima Tsering and Dr Lopsang Lama, offered him with Sorig medical treatment. Since undergoing various external therapies and timely intervention of these great and generous doctors,  he is getting steadily better.


On the 18th of August, 2016, we hosted a special guest lecture by French bio-medical doctor Dr. Hughes Gouzenes.  Dr Gouzenes has been practicing as a general practitioner in Paris since 1984, and is also a researcher and teacher of Indian and Tibetan yoga, meditation and medicine. In particular, he has conducted research on the psychophysiology of yoga and meditation at French Universities. He presented a lecture to our staff and students on the importance of a holistic approach to health and medicine that incorporates both body and mind, and discussed convergences between Traditional Tibetan medicine and Western biomedicine. We are very thankful to his visit.


Orientation Events:

On the 23rd of July, 2016, we had our first orientation event for our incoming Bachelor’s students. The students along with a handful of parents listened to talks by our College Principal Dr Nyima Tsering, our Vice-Principal Dr Lopsang Lama, our College Director Dr Tenjin Dharke, and Board member and College lecturer Professor Punya Prasad Parajuli. The doctors explained to the students and parents how the College first came about and described their vision and mission for the school. They laid out details of the five year programme, and offered personal insights and advice for the students about the importance of Sorig medicine and the students’ studies and future contributions. The doctors and professors made clear how ground-breaking the College is for contemporary Sorig Medicine. They explained how the College will be the first to provide graduating students with a diploma in Sorig Medicine which is recognized at the state-level in Nepal, and described the great benefits that this certification will have for students, existing doctors, local communities, and the development of Sowa Rigpa medicine in general.

The orientation event also featured a presentation by Eric Rosenbush, an American practitioner of Chinese and Tibetan traditional medicine. Mr Rosenbush was visiting the College as a representative of Sorig Khang International and Ngakmang Foundation/USA, the primary supporting organizations for our College, which are headed by Dr Nida Chenagtsang. Mr Rosenbush discussed the current international interest in Tibetan traditional knowledge, and impressed upon the students the value of Sorig medicine in the world today. Mr Ben Joffe, a South African PhD candidate in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Colorado, Boulder, who is currently assisting at the College and providing English language instruction, also gave a talk in which he expressed his excitement about the College and its vision and described the need for a new generation of Himalayan people to have a greater say in the development of sorig  Studies  internationally.

This first orientation event was followed by another orientation a week or so later during which the rules and regulations of the College were explained and students were given a tour of the campus and its facilities.


Sorig Pilgrimage Tour and Excursion:

On Sunday the 28th of August, 2016, our college staff, students, and Board members went on a Sorig pilgrimage tour to Godawari. We visited historical places related to Sorig medicine and went to the National Botanical Gardens, where students were able to observe and learn about medicinal plants. After lunch, we played games, sang songs and danced. Our intention with organizing this sort of outing is to provide mental refreshment to the students and to improve relations between the staff and students and make them feel that we all are part of a happy family. Due to shortages in our college budget, this special tour was fully sponsored by our College Director Dr Tenjin Dharke, our Principal Dr Nyima Tsering and Vice-Principal Dr Lopsang Lama. We are very grateful to them for making this special trip for the students.


Teaching and Class Activities:

In September, 2016 we currently have two new lecturers: Dr Ngawang Tenjen has replaced Dr Kyilu as the lecturer for the Introduction of  History of Sowa Rigpa and Khenpo Sonam Gyurme is our new Astrology lecturer. Everything is settled and running smoothly with classes. Our lecturers are preparing weekly lesson plans and students are undergoing weekly oral  tests on memorization and recitation of the Root Tantra(s), which are one of the most important parts of our B.S.M. course. These weekly oral  tests strengthen and encourage the students in their other regular studies, and students have been working hard to commit the Gyushi to heart as part of their training. All teaching and learning is going smoothly so far.



Our Vice-Principal, Dr Lopsang Lama donated the following important items to the college:

  • One laptop for office use
  • A Canon camera for students’ research on medical herbs
  • A music system and Badminton set for the students’ entertainment


So, Sowa Rigpa International College is now becoming a centre of Sorig Studies here in Nepal. Since we have also international students, we hope to make our college a great hub for students from all over the world, who wish to study Sowa Rigpa health system in future.

We thank all national and international supporters to bring this college into reality and anticipate further support to spread Sowa Rigpa Health system in the world.

If you want to support, here is our bank address:

Sorig Khang International Nepal
Account No.: 02401030254427
Name of Bank: Nepal Investment Bank, Boudha, Kathmandu
Swift Code: NIBLNPKT

Report prepared by Raj K. Shrestha/SKIN-Chairman and Secretary at the College, Ms. Penpa Lhamo with the consent of the Principal Dr. Nyima Tsering Nepali/Sowa Rigpa Int’ll College/Kathmandu.