Editorial Vol 6, Issue 4

Dear Friends of Sowa Rigpa,

Amazing news hit my screen at the end of October: The Sorig Khang Int. foundation has officially been approved by german legislation with non-profit-status on October 25th, Dakini day of Guru Rinpoche year! Thus for example SKI will be able to collect donations and carry out fundraising activities more effectively and with less tax burden from now on (and much more)! It’s a very important step for the organisation’s entrenchement and for it’s further international engagements which have been growing continously together with it’s members.
So let’s raise and clink our glasses to that memorable achievement of our hardworking head Office Team under the lead of Tam Nguyen and all SKI members around the globe!

Likely did our Austrian friends at their festive foundation of the Austrian Medical Association for Tibetan Medicine AMATM with the support of SKI and other partner organisations to act as the cutting edge

Our editor Elise just launched a new category of articles about retreat testimonies with her elaborate descriptions of her Chudlen rejuvenation retreat (tasty recipes included!). Hopefully we will receive many more such articles from our community, so dont’ hesitate to share your retreat experiences with us. Furthermore thanks to our co-editor Laura you can now get some eye candy with fresh Sorig-News header banners and logos!

There are many more news from our diligent friends and novel features to discover in this Sorig News release – so just click yourself through and enjoy! If you feel like giving us a feedback too, it would be greatly appreciated.

IMG_1051Have a wonderful winter start!

With Best Wishes in the name of the Editorial Board,

Philipp Fuchs, MD

Student of Sowa Rigpa & Managing Editor Sorig-News