Editorial Vol 6 – Issue 3

Welcome to summer’s final issue!

Dear friends of Sowa Rigpa worldwide,

It is an honour for me to release this year’s summer issue of the new Sorig-Newsletter for the first time after Jacqueline Yu’s great forework! It was very exciting for me to witness the foundation of Sorig Khang International (SKI) in the context of the Sorig Congress in Tallinn in April. Afterwards many participants left to their home countries worldwide with a big load of inspirations from beautiful Estonia to reorganise the former IATTM and materialise all the ideas that were born at the congress ever after.

Now we can have the first tastes of these fruits which grew out of different local SKI branches. For example our internal communication was calling for a more effective approach and without hesitation our Head Office Team (HOT) set up a new Email system (check out the new …@sorigkhang.org addresses). Did you ever want to ask HOT some intimate questions? Now you can (and even more) – with the very comfortable and multi- functional platform of Slack!

Ever had the problem that your shelfes were bursting with books and journals on Tibetan Medicine? Just get out into the web and order the TTM Journal as digital version!

Our friends in Nepal are diligently working on the first year of the Bachelor in Sowa Rigpa Medicine (BSM) Degree- Course in the freshly founded Sowa Rigpa International College (SRIC). Right at this moment the first students are gathering in Kathmandu to start their classes.

Turning on my computer added a nice warmth to my already overheated working room and therefore – while sweating and tiping these words on my keyboard – I decided to choose a member of the gentian family as next featured medicinal remedy: so bow your heads to one of the “Kings of bitter remedies”: Tigta – Svertia chirata. This medicinal plant is used to thread a lot of different mKhris pa disorders – coool! Did someone actually think of Tigta-ice cream already??

These and a few more news from the world of Sowa Rigpa await you in this issue – so just take some bites of our newest SKI- fruits (as you have been already with the new newsletter design)! There is a lot more exciting stuff awaiting us in the next months like new SKI-guidelines, a new official SKI-website etc. … so stay tuned and don’t forget to grow some fruits on your own too – Sowa Rigpa and SKI flourish with our own participations 😎

Have a wonderful summer!


IMG_1051With Best Wishes in the name of the Editorial Board,

Philipp Fuchs,

MD, Student of Sowa Rigpa & Managing Editor Sorig-News