New SKI communication platforms


Together with the foundation of Sorig Khang Int. in April 2016 the new organisation also called out for an general improvement of international communications. Since SKI is actively growing and already operating in 40 countries worldwide it became necessary to introduce a quick and easy way to discuss, answear and effectively solve local as well as international problems and questions related to SKI and Sowa Rigpa.

The first step was to change the old IATTM webmail for all SKI operatives to the new … adresses at Pair- Networks webmail. The old adresses will be continously switched off and urgent or personal questions can be sent to these new mails (see also our Contact page).

Any external requests, questions or applications for SKI memberships should be sent to from now on.


slack logo 2


Since the end of June, we are transfering our main communication within SKI to Slack. It is an online tool where a team can quickly share informations and files via direct messages or as live chat and through separated channels concerning differrent topics like publishing or translation. It is also an effective way to ask questions directly to the head office team or to read through the previous conversations and archives.

If you want to join SKI and our teams on Slack, please ask your local SKI-branch coordinators or write to the following Email:



We will inform you in our future Sorig-News issues about upcoming projects in our SKI community. Different work groups are putting a lot of effort into the establishment of the international website (, the new Intranet and SKI guidelines as well. So there is a lot to look forward to in the next months!