Materia Medica: Swertia chirata – Tigta

 Swertia chirata

felworts tib   tikta – tigta (tib.)

Felwort (eng.)

Sumpfenzian (ger.)


This is one of the “King of bitter remedies“, mostly used for treating K disorders. It is the base of many remedies of R, such as “Tikta 3, 8, and 25, most of them are different types of K disorders and excesses. The swertia genus belongs to the gentian family.

Swertia perennis ssp.

Taste & Potency Bitter, cool

Plant part: Tree branch and trunk

Preparation: Dry in a cool place

Form: Decoction, or powder, oil

Usage: Take with other remedies or, decoction, incense

Dosage: 1-2g per day

Duration: 7-21 days


  • Tsawa in the liver
  • Gallbladder inflammation
  • General K disorders, headache, bitter taste in the mouth
  • Tsawa in the lungs
  • Gives appetite and liver efficiency


Do not overdose, it can reduce the metabolic heat!

K … mKhris pa

R … rLung

Article adapted from:

The Sorig Materia Medica
Part 1: Root Tantra Substances
Written by Dr Nida Chenagtsang
First Edition 2010 by Dr Tam Nguyen
Updated Jan 2011 by
Eréne Lejeune and Eric Rosenbush