In Transition: Sorig Congress 2017

Dear family members,

Best wishes from the Sorig Congress Heart Office in Innsbruck/Austria.

In a few days our outstanding nepalese coordinator Raj Kumar Shrestha will arrive here in Austria to work on the concrete concept, schedule and additional program for the next Congress 2017 in Kathmandu.

We are in transition, in between two Congresses:

our heart is in close connection to Tallinn and is still beating with joy and full of gratitude for all the wonderful encounters there, made possible through the inspiring loving power of Viivi Käärma, Drukmo Gyal and all the members & supporters of Sorig Khang Estonia.

The Congress in Estonia was wonderful, comprehensive, lasting and pathbreaking in many directons: with the birth of SKI and the beginning of various international projects of SKI family members working in close cooperation together to present their first results in Nepal next year, fascinating presentations and impulses from opinion leaders and highly experienced scholars in the field of Sowa Rigpa, the opening of the College in Nepal and the increasingly strong and inspiring feeling of living interconnectivity and of working together for the same goal beyond individual or national borders.

Unity in complexity and diversity: after coming together as a family for the Congress, all the family members are on the road again now to continue their work around the globe until our next gathering: it´s a collective rhythm which is created by each individual member, with an enormous healing potential and the power to strengthen each other.



Dear family members: I hope you are all well.

I´m looking forward to hearing from your experiences soon.

Your SKI Congress-Team will try its best to implement all your wishes and suggestions for the next Congress.

More information will follow soon after the transition phase in the next Sorignews… .




Tashi delek,



Dr. Jens Tönnemann

SKI HOT/Head of Medical Education

SKI HOT/International Congress Coordinator