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Yuthok Nyingthig Outer Guru Retreat
at Rigzin Phodrang Monastery in Pharping, Nepal, February 2017. Click here to view more pictures!

Dear friends of Sowa Rigpa,

I hope that all of you who had the opportunity to visit the 5th International Congress on Sowa Rigpa from 1st until 3rd of March in Nepal had a convenient journey back home. It was a pleasure for me to meet highly experienced practitioners from all over the world, to share know how & visions and to enjoy the rich program & vivid athmosphere within and around the Shechen congress camp and the world famous Boudhanath Stupa in the (for me) spiritual heart of Kathmandu.

Besides the insightful workshops and many-faceted lectures the participants attended a lot of different highlights, like a Charya Dance with Vajra-Yogini, an amusing Oops-a-daisy deja-vu at the spiritual opening ceremony as well as the resounding voice of Drukmo Gyal and her great local band. As the icing on the cake we even witnessed a joyful SKI marriage! Congratulations and all best wishes from our hearts to the happy italian couple Andrea Pesaresi and Antonella Salvato!

For all of you who were not able to join us at the congress I can put a DVD in prospect, in which you'll find all lectures in different file formats and as video recordings too. This congress DVD will also include a massive amount of fotos, clips from the workshops and a few more surprises. Until it's finished we can provide some impressions through Dr. Jen's congress review and as next step also a picture gallery on sorigcongress.org (work in progress). And hopefully you can join next years Sorig congress in the beautiful italian City of Pisa as officially announced here: Vivere Sowa Rigpa!

After a vivid congress week in Kathmandu it's official motto: SOWA RIGPA IN ACTION has been put into practice immediately, as you can read in the amazing reports about the Free Medical Camps in Maratika and in Mustang - organized by Sorig Aid, the social charity arm of SKI. It is lead by Jacqueline Yu from Singapore and supported by many generous donors and humble volunteers. Keep up your inspiring work, guys!

These and plenty more News from the world of Sowa Rigpa as well as an amazing article by Lucy Jones about her studies in Amdo are waiting for you in our second issue of the Fire Bird Year 2017 - Enjoy!


With Best Wishes in the name of the Editorial Board,

Philipp Fuchs, MD

Student of Sowa Rigpa & Managing Editor Sorig-News

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Tibetan Medicine Study in Amdo, by LUCY JONES

A beautifully written journey in the highlands of East Tibet, full of exciting encounters with tibetan people & culture, picturesque landscapes and of course: SOWA RIGPA!

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With your donation this place can become an international school for preserving Traditional Tibetan Medicine in Eastern Europe, helping Sorigkhangs from other European countries to be acknowledged on an authentic platform.

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