Dear friends of Sowa Rigpa,

You may have realized the latest long pause in between the last Issues. Since the end of 2018 there has been no major update on the Sorig News indeed. One reason was and still is an intense ongoing international restructuring process on a personal and technical level within the SKY organisation.
So many things have improved and have become more consistent like the official SKY webpage, our educational programs like TibMed or Sorig Kids and also many SKY centers around the globe have new names and websites. Also Sorig News will change further and probably move together with the Sowa Rigpa Journal site, but this is still in the pipeline.

Also for personal reasons I have not been able to put my freetime into the Sorig News project anymore. I am focusing more on my practical work as a Western Doctor and Sowa Rigpa Practitioner and getting involved in other fields of SKY now.
So I will be happy to hand over the Sorig News to someone new at the next 8th Sorig Congress in Poznan, Poland, just like I got the project into my hands nearly 4 years ago by Jaqueline Yu in Tallin. So if you are already interested just contact me, or even better: meet me at the next congress in Poland!

Thank you all for visiting Sorig News and sharing it!


With Best Wishes,

Philipp Fuchs MD,
Managing Editor Sorig-News